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Building a scalable Multi-Tenant eCommerce Marketplace web platform for a Start-up to serve Tenants globally


eCommerce Marketplace
platform to operate at a global level

Building a scalable Multi-Tenant eCommerce Marketplace web platform for a Start-up to serve Tenants globally, based on an innovative business model - selling products without handling the delivery of the products or products stocks

Customer Profile:

Industry: Retail and Commerce
Headquarters: Switzerland
Company status: Start-up
Goal: building the eCommerce Marketplace platform to operate at a global level


  • Extending the existing Multi-Tenant platform modules connecting the Marketplace with the Tenant system and enabling tenants to register, filter and publish products available from sellers, generating a personalized URL and customizable storefront to re-sell without tenants to handle the delivery of the products or inventory management
  • Enhancing the personalization and customization capabilities for each user entity
  • Building a complex commission system involving multiple users (Sellers, Tenants, Super Admins based on normal user purchases)
  • Building wallets per entity to store and track each purchase amount including commissions and display to each entity the earned amount per each conversion
  • Technical limitations of existing eCommerce modules and lack of structured code to be scalable and easily maintainable, taking so much time for developers to implement the solutions
  • Integration with the most popular multi-channel system from Germany enabling the platform to become an option for the Sellers that are using the multi-channel system to sell their products also on our platform

Implemented solutions:

  • Enabled the communication between the Marketplace and Tenant system and building the products filtering by seller name, city and country where the tenant wants to target the sales conversions connected with the commission system in the background
    screenshot from the Marketplace storefront showing categories of products and skates products
    screenshot from the tenant storefront showing some categories of products (based on tenant products selection) and skates products as is in the marketplace, as the tenant chose the same line of products to sell. Tenants have the option to filter/select the products they want to sell based on the marketplace seller's product supply. The categories images, header, logo, brand colors, product filtering, storefront display are just a few elements mentioned, fully customizable by the tenant admin based on the tenant brand identity and customer target. At each order, the tenant gets a commission split between the super admin, and the sellers are responsible to deliver the products.
  • Integrated the most popular payment gateways Stripe and PayPal for the users to be able to pay including with credit cards (VISA and Mastercard)
  • Implemented the commission system for all entities to benefit from each user purchase
  • Implemented the wallet system from scratch, to keep track of all transactions amounts and show earnings for all users involved in the purchase process (Seller, Tenant, Super Admin)

screenshot from super admin dashboard, the wallet is displayed in the top of the page showing earned amounts per conversion based on the status of the order and payments

  • Updated the products imports process for generating unique SKU per products to solve multiple seller imports and mass updates of products (prices, product details, variations, attributes)

screenshot from the bulk upload products feature showing settings for uploading a new batch of products with specific attributes, assigned to a specific seller, adding tax category or links for images to be uploaded

  • Enhanced the customization options of storefronts including shoppable images feature

screenshot from the admin, shoppable images section where you can add tags and assigne specific products on the image, add/edit shoppable image background, title and description, including call to action link update.

  • Tenant products filtering and published on the storefront: tenants have the functionality to filter products by seller name or by a specific city or country where they target the customer sales and publish the products on the storefront to start sales immediately

screenshot shows the tenant filtering products by the country where the business is targeted, county, city or by a specific seller name that he wants to work with, or by specific products attributes


  • Personalized storefront: the new tenant registered will have a generated and dedicated URL of their e-store that can be promoted and generate sales immediately without managing the delivery or inventories of the product
  • Sales Dashboard and wallets: conversions amounts are tracked in the admin dashboards and wallets for the admin to know every minute of the earnings and sales progress

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