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  • Update your current eCommerce shop by re-platforming and data migration to a more secure, scalable, new technology and faster-converting platform focused on conversions performance
  • Build a scalable eCommerce marketplace with multi-vendor and multi-tenant entities or just simple webshops custom specific to your business model
  • Implementing various eCommerce monetization models from commission-based to subscription-based including automated payments
  • Enhance your sales by integrating your platform with the essential multi-channel inventory management eCommerce platforms
  • Create groundbreaking native, cross-platform and hybrid eCommerce mobile apps and get featured in App Store and Google Play
  • Smooth integrations? We build various systems integrations with third-party applications like ERP, inventory and order management platforms, CMS, payment gateways, delivery and fulfillment, marketing solutions, accounting, CDN, notifications and everything that needs to be integrated correctly with your system
  • Building automated processes and continuously optimizing your apps and web applications
  • Streamline orders, subscriptions and fulfillment processes


  • Consulting and architecture your custom-specific e-store to reach best your business goals focused on conversions and ROI
  • UI/UX Wireframing and Design
  • Building from scratch your scalable eCommerce system
  • Customize your eCommerce business on a specific platform
  • Build mobile apps and mobile-first web applications
  • Support and maintenance of your existing system
  • Redesign your existing mobile or web application
  • Fix eCommerce bugs and configure your storefront
  • Incidents and resolution management, fixing bugs fast and customer support
  • Develop new features, extend your current system
  • Improve your system functionality and performance, optimize your metrics

Benefit from our team’s eCommerce know-how and set up various skillset teams to build unique and custom-specific systems for your long-term converting online business!

The eCommerce web and mobile development solution packages that we recommend, yet flexible to fit your business needs and optimized budget:

1. Small compact teams with various skills to build custom and scalable webshop systems + mobile apps containing:

Team skillset = project management, business analysis, technical leadership, frontend and backend web & mobile development (full-stack), UI/UX design, analytics, manual QA

2. Medium-sized teams for launching or maintaining web and mobile applications

Team skillset = product owner/project management, business analysis, technical leadership, frontend and backend web & mobile development (dedicated or full-stack), UI/UX design, analytics, manual/automated QA

3. Big-sized teams for multiple countries eCommerce rollouts/sites + centralized support and maintenance for critical bugs, software engineering support and evolutions, and even customer support

Team skillset = product owner/project management, business analysis, solution architecture, technical leadership, frontend and backend dedicated web & mobile development, UI/UX design, analytics, L1,L2 and L3 software engineering support + customer support, manual/automated QA

We do the development process smoothly and transparently!


  • Discovery of your project scope, business model, goals, clarify and document specifications
  • Onboarding and setup of your best team skills and tools that fit best on your project needs
  • Create tasks and clear specifications for the team
  • Organize the workload on sprints, working agile
  • Setup the project architecture and deployment pipelines
  • Start the project agile development, using Scrum and Kanban methodologies, iterative development
  • Continuous improving the team’s internal processes and external processes with the client using lean methodologies (Kaizen)

Work focused on results and value delivery!


After you create your eCommerce systems, even if you operating one site or multiple sites per country, your most important metrics like conversion rate, click-through rate, average order value, loyalty program, or customer lifetime value needs to be improved on a daily basis besides the technical issues or evolutions that you might encounter to fix or develop in order to keep up your competitiveness on the online market.

Therefore the team setup could be organized efficiently per levels of skills, as follows:

L1 Software Engineers – can offer support to your questions or learn you how to operate or configure your storefront/eCommerce systems, campaigns, order details, etc.

L2 Software Engineers – can help you to operate correctly the systems, configure your system, investigate abnormal situations and provide resolutions

L3 Software Engineers – are handling complex technical problems, investigating the root cause of the incidents, solving fast the issues or developing evolutions/new features for your storefront or administration dashboard to be deployed as soon as possible in the production environment.

The teams can be extended based on your business needs with UI/UX Designers, Solution Architects, Project Managers, QA manual and automated, Customer Support, etc.

The activity will be organized on a ticketing system so that each situation to be tracked until the resolution and operated based on priority to have a clear overview of the system, delivery and time spend on the activity.


Verticals: eCommerce Retail (Supermarkets, Hypermarkets), Wholesale, Marketplaces, Travel, FinTech, Constructions, Fashion and anything that involves online products or services shopping

Application types: B2C commerce, B2B commerce, D2C commerce, CMS (content management systems), order management systems, mobile and social commerce tools, marketing automation tools, and more

Tech stack, we are best at: PHP 8 (Laravel), Vue.JS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Node.Js, React Native, Blockchain, AWS, AR/VR, Python, JAVA, C#, Unity, .NET, Angular 6, C/C++, WordPress + Woocommerce, Shopify

Mobile operating systems: iOS, Android;

Mobile apps technologies: Flutter, React, JAVA, Swift, Firebase


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