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How we work.
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Using agile frameworks we start from the client requirements, define those into clear functionalities tasks for the development team and we run the development into iterative deployments, covering the business goals milestone by milestone.

Here is the entire end-to-end development process that can be accustomed for each client project phase or needs, maintaining the budget and quality 1st:


Analysis of client requirements, defining and clarifying the functional specifications (user stories) taking into account the business goals


We secure the developments to make sure the functionalities have no vulnerabilities to attack and apply security standards


Based on the user stories and actions needed in the functional specifications we design intuitive user experience visuals for the users to navigate smooth the application and reach easily the applications actions


We deploy the code changes fast-to-market into the production environment and make sure are functionally optimum, using best infrastructure practices, delivering code changes frequently and safe in a Continuous Integration, Deployment and Delivery pipeline.


Iterative development process of user stories and functionalities, organized on sprints and clarifying in parallel with the process other edge cases that were not taken into account in the discovery stage

Optimization and Performance

We analyze the development performance and optimize the code in such a way that we reach the optimum performance for a seamless user experience (speed, applications response, bug free, security etc.)

Testing and UAT

Testing the user stories based on the functional specifications and reporting situations that do not comply with our quality standards, to be fixed and secured. Once everything is validated by our QA team then the User Acceptance Tests are available for the client to validate and provide feedback to the deployed functionality.

Support and Maintenance

We maintain the system bug-free, fixing incidents, updating the software regularly, monitoring the performance constantly, upgrading and extending functionalities to improve the user experience, improving the loading time and performance of the applications, improving conversions and ROI as an end goal

What technologies we are good at (and continuously learning new tech:)

Key technologies Databases Front-end Mobile Infrastructure
PHP MySQL Javascript Swift AWS Cloud, Google Cloud, Azure Cloud, Bunnyshell
Javascript/Typescript PostgreSQL HTML5 Objective-C Docker
GoLang Cassandra CSS 3 Java Kubernetes
Python Mongo React React Nginx
Java Redis Flutter Flutter Nodejs servers
Solidity - AngularJS - -

What tech expertise we can cover:
  • Technical Audit
  • Architecture Consulting
  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Incident Management
  • Blockchain/Dapp Development
  • Microservices
  • Cloud Computing and Virtualization
  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
  • System Integration and Migrations
  • Digital Product Design and Branding
  • Open for new technologies, always

Ready to develop and scale up your business? We make it, effective!

Based on your business goals we deliver a plan including the resources and the set of technical skills to overcome the project deliverables, building further compact teams with the necessary experience to develop based on the quality coding guidelines and technical best practices, meaning adaptable code, easy to be maintained, reducing the development costs and technical debt on a long term so that at each point you have control of your project development and adapt new features and integrations easily.

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