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Projects and industries
impacted by BoostIT

Our work consists of a continuous improvement process of software development, applied and adapted to each customer's business requirements and budget flexibility - we adapt the best solutions and technologies of the market moment based on the resources provided, combined with the best multi-skilled compact teams that we deploy, aiming for the synergy to boost the productivity and deliver valuable and measurable results - all process is transparent and you can see each step of your project development.

Our team focus is to find feasible, quality and efficient solutions that solve not only the mentioned problems but also how the problem is solved faster, simplified and the impact on the long term taking into account the technology evolution, risks and minimum code maintenance - reducing your software development costs on the long run.

Our work impacted the following industries' verticals:

  • Fintech - financial trading platform for Fiat /Crypto, mobile apps
  • eCommerce/Retail/AR - multitenant marketplace platforms, multiple custom webshops, mobile apps
  • Private Transportation - developing a centralized orders system connected with a VOIP system via asterisk, taxi mobile apps
  • Betting - unique betting system and platform features
  • Blockchain - NFT marketplace, crypto trading platforms

Live projects and case studies

Case studies:


Building a scalable Multi-Tenant eCommerce Marketplace web platform for a Start-up to serve Tenants globally, based on an innovative business model, to sell products without handling the delivery of the products or products stocks >> Read more

Projects built with various technologies that we can deliver within our hub (under NDA):

Project Application Main Stack
  • Telemedicine
Mobile iOS + Android
  • Waste Management
Web React + Node.js
  • Diet and Nutrition
Mobile Android + iOS
  • Food Delivery
Mobile JavaScript
  • Augmented Reality Fitting Room
Mobile Unity
  • On-demand Staffing
Mobile iOS + Android + Blockchain
  • Banking
Mobile iOS + Android + Java
  • Cash Register Manager
Web Java
  • Ethereum Solution for Data Sales
Web Blockchain
  • Virtual Reality Management System
Web .NET + Angular + C++
  • Agriculture
Web .NET + Angular
  • Custom Web CRM
Web PHP/Laravel + Vue.js
  • Subscription Management
Web Golang
  • Token Wallet
Mobile Blockchain + iOS
  • Customer Engagement
Web Java + React Native + Swift + Cordova

Having strategic partnerships with the most skilled Eastern European Developers & IT companies that we complete our teams with, when needed, in order to ensure continuous development, deployment and secure projects deliverables in time, in quality, and within budget, plus apply our optimized management best practices to reach our clients business goals and consistent teams performance.

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Our clients are not just customers to us. We view them as partners: helping them grow and expand helps us in the same way to develop our organisation.

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