Boost for Good

forMovember Foundation

Charity is good.Boosting is fun.

And simple. Challenge someone to do something by a certain date. Designate a charity, put some money against your challenge and encourage people to add to it. If the challenge completes, the money goes to the charity. If it does not, everyone gets their money back.

The challenge can be anything as can your motivations - support, encourage, motivate, dare someone or simply help make “it” happen.

Whatever the challenge and motivations, the goal is always to have FUN and DO GOOD.


Support, encourage, dare someone to do something by a certain date. Because you care? Want to see it happen? Want to mix it up and have some fun?

Pick a Charity

Make sure your challenge is a Boost for Good. Select a featured charity or add your own.


Share your challenge and encourage others to add to it. More fun, more motivation and more money for a great cause.


Did they really do it? Watch the evidence of the challenge being completed and accept it so the money can be donated.


If the challenge completes, money is automatically donated to charity. Everyone wins! If the challenge does not complete, the contributions are refunded and people get to play again.